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"If music be the food of love...play on"...... Make the most of your special day with a professional performance by Jill Neenan.



The most frequent choice for a solo performance is:

bulletDuring the signing of the register - at this point there is usually enough time for at least two songs, however, I would recommend just the one song here if you are having other solo songs performed during the service.
bulletBefore the service begins - whilst everyone is getting seated, this will allow your choice of music to set the atmosphere for the whole service.
bulletDuring the Brideís entrance and/or the Bridesmaidís entrance if separate from the Brideís.
bulletInstead of having a reading you could have a sung Psalm or The Lords Prayer.

Also, songs can be sung at several intervals during the service and these are usually:

bulletDuring the Communion
bulletJust before the end of the service
bulletAs the couple exit

If your service is a Blessing or Anniversary celebration then you could have a song before or after the marriage vows or before the final blessing. You could also use a Soloist to lead the congregation within the normal hymns that you have chosen.


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Last modified: 05/27/05